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About Us

Reinhardt Sabee founded the R. Sabee Company in Appleton, Wisconsin in the early 1950’s.  The company headquarters is still located at the original site.  

Product innovation and machine design has been one of the foundation blocks for the R. Sabee Company throughout its extensive history.  Reinhardt had developed several machines to produce many different products. One of the key innovations to the converting industry was developing one of the first poly-lined disposable diapers in a time that safety pins were being used with cloth diapers! Reinhardt has several patents for absorbent pads, disposable medical products, and disposable diapers.

R. Sabee Company

Incontinent disposable pads grew the business with the design of a melt blow fabric machine, which produced a smooth cover sheet for these pads. Many of the production machines at the R. Sabee Company were designed to produce custom product requests, including surgical drapes, bibs, aprons and exam gowns, exam table paper rolls, laboratory countertop liners, towels, incontinent pads and much, much more.

Our proud history has been established through the many decades of commitment and innovation. As a family owned business, the company has started the transition to the next generation with the same spirit and dedication to excellence.  Reinhardt’s philosophy of ingenuity, creativity, and determination continues today at the R. Sabee Company.  New products and innovations in the pet, home, institutional, and medical absorbent industry continue to distinguish the company as a world-class contract manufacturer.

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